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Newham Council's online Budget Simulator

The simulator is now closed.

Please visit for more information about the council's budget.

The Council has been challenged to make severe savings every year since 2010. This continues as we must work to find £45million over the next three years. This year, we are planning our budget for the next three years, up to 2022/23. 

Where does our money come from?

The Council has gross expenditure budget of around  £1.5 billion in 2019-20 on services. The majority of the money comes from government grants – for example, the Council receives around £400 million in grant for schools and another £250 million subsidy to meet the cost of housing benefit for tenants in the private rented sector.

The Council also receives rents from Council tenants and other income from charges made for services that people use. The remainder of the spending, which is known as the Council’s budget requirement, is £260m and is paid for by government grants, council tax and business rates.

You can find out more about local government funding by looking at the Local Government Association website.

What now?

We want to hear from you about your priorities for how we spend our budget. Maybe you hadn’t realised the range of services we provide as a Council? Through the simulator you can get a better understanding of the range of work we do.

You can have a go at ‘balancing the budget’. See what happens if you reduce spending on different services – the impacts of your savings will show up as you reduce spending. There is also an option to read more detailed information about many of the impacts by clicking on the ‘more info’ button.

There are seven blocks which relate to how the Council is structured.

It is important to understand that the consequences are cumulative. For example, if you opt to reduce a budget by 20% you must assume that the impacts for both a 5% and 10% reduction in that budget will also apply.

Please think carefully before you submit your choices. At the end you will have the chance to make suggestions, add comments or ask questions.

The budget simulator is just one way that we are asking for your views. You can get more information on the process by visiting our website

You will have until Wednesday 4th December to take part.

How will results be used?

Responses to the questions will help guide the Mayor, cabinet members and councillors as they make decisions about savings needed across the Council.

In December, we’ll be publishing our budget proposals which will be discussed at a Cabinet meeting on 17th December at East Ham Town Hall which is open to residents and members of the public. The draft budget will be the only item on the agenda so that as much time as possible is available to discuss the budget proposals which have been informed by your views.

In January we’ll also be holding some Budget Forums across the borough, where you’ll be invited to hear about the proposals along with other residents to discuss and better understand impacts and implications of the proposed Budget.

All of this information will be brought together in a final  Budget proposal which is discussed at a public Full Council meeting on 2 March 2020 for approval. For more information on the process, please visit

Please note:

This budget tool simulates the difficult decisions that councillors will have to make. It is only a guide which helps us to see what matters most to you. The impacts that are highlighted as you balance the budget are there only to give you an understanding of the kind of service that may be affected.